Webcamoid : Webcam Software with Special Effects and Video Recording

Many beginner YouTubers think they need an expensive digital camera to start making YouTube videos. Some of them keep saving money so that they can buy the latest Sony GoPro action camera or the latest model of iPhone. But perhaps they don’t know that they can start recording their videos using the webcam integrated in their laptops. If your integrated webcam does not have good resolution, then you can buy HD webcams for very cheap. And for all the recording from your webcam, you can use the open-source software Webcamoid.

Webcamoid is an extremely useful software to manage your webcams. If you have multiple webcams, it helps you monitor them all and change their settings. It comes with special affects that can be applied when snapping pictures and recording videos from those webcams. It even supports virtual webcams if you have installed any on your PC. Furthermore, it can also record the computer screen and take its screenshots.


In the user interface of Webcamoid, you can add select webcams detected in your system. If your webcam is not detected, then you can press the webcam toggle key on your laptop and then click on the “+” button. After selecting a webcam, you can change its settings like brightness, contrast, gamma and also apply special effects to it. There are hundreds of special effects available such as aging film, cartoon, dicing, distortion and more.

It comes with a virtual webcam feature. This installs a virtual webcam in your system. You have to set a video file to this virtual webcam and it will stream the contents of the video to any other application that can access webcams on your system.


The program allows both the capturing of a picture using your webcam and also recording of the video. For the latter, you can choose the output format from dozens of popular video format files. These output files can then be played in any standard video player such as VideoLAN VLC Media Player.

You can download Webcamoid from