Clickless Mouse : Click in Windows without Using Mouse Buttons

After a few years of regular use, the left and right buttons in your faithful computer mouse wear out. With worn out buttons, if you click once, it registers multiple clicks in the computer. This is because the metal spring inside the mouse buttons has lost its strength. It happens to the left mouse button first because we use it much more than the right button. At this point, you can simply toss away the old mouse and buy a new one. But with the help of an open-source program Clickless Mouse, you can keep using your mouse without actually using the mouse buttons.

Clickless Mouse allows clicking in Windows without actually having to press any of the physical buttons in your mouse. It uses a  very simple approach for this. If you want to left-click or right-click on any object such as button or a menu in Windows, just move your mouse over that object. In a second, you will see one or two rectangles on your screen (depending on how you have configured Clickless Mouse). Now just move the mouse cursor in the left rectangle or right rectangle to simulate left-click or right-click on that object.

Clickless Mouse

In the Clickless Mouse options, you can choose the mouse buttons to be simulated – LMB (left mouse button), RMB (right mouse button), LMB holding (left mouse button click and hold), RMB holding (right mouse button click and hold) and so on. All these rectangles can be identified by different colors and positions. You can change the time period after which these rectangles appear on your screen. And you can also change the appearance of these rectangles like the squares sizes, colors, border size etc.

Clickless Mouse

Verdict: Clickless Mouse can be helpful not only when your old mouse has worn out, but also when you cannot use your fingers because of physical injury. It is useful for everyday computer use, but might not work when playing games.

You can download Clickless Mouse from