Live Life of a Pigeon with Pigeon Simulator Game

Pigeons are everywhere in the city – in the streets, in the parks, on the trees, on top of buildings, on lamp posts and anything else they can perch upon. Some cities have special places where you can go and feed the pigeons. But have you ever wondered how the world looks like from a pigeon’s perspective? Have you ever imagined what the life of an urban pigeon is like?

Well, thanks to game developers Bossa, now you can live life of a pigeon through their Pigeon Simulator game. In this game, you are a pigeon living in the city. You can experience doing everything that you can imagine a pigeon would do and beyond. You fly around looking for a nice location for you nest and then lay eggs in it. You have to look for the food from all different sources in the city. And after all this hard work, you can aim your droppings at unsuspecting people for fun.

Pigeon Simulator

To play this Pigeon Simulator game for free, you have to use the Bossa Launcher which can be downloaded from Bossa games website. This game can be played by 1 to 4 players at the same time. You and three of your friends can play a feral pigeon in the city. For all the players a game controller is necessary. This game cannot be controlled using the keyboard. But game controllers are cheap and will add to your pigeon life’s quality.

When you download and install Bossa Launcher, you get access to all three of their games including “Pigeon Simulator”, “Trash Bandits” and “I am Fish”. These all games are available for free until 24th November, 2019. These games are in the prototype format now and based on the players feedback, they will be turned into full games in the future.

You can download Bossa game launcher from