Convert Currencies Accurately with Imploded Currency Converter App

When you are purchasing from shops in your own country, you don’t have to worry about currency conversion or currency exchange. But when you want to buy something online from one of the websites that is located in a different country (such as AliExpress from China), you have to think about how much will be the cost of the various things you plan to buy after all the currency conversion.

Problem with currency conversion is that it is not uniform. Local banks often buy the foreign currencies at a lower rate but they sell it at a higher rate. For example, if you are vacationing in Bangkok, Thailand and trying to convert your US dollars into Thai Baht then you will get only 30 Thai Baht for 1 US dollar, but on the other hand they will give you 1 US dollar for 31 Thai Baht.

Imploded Currency Converter

How do you know exactly how much money you will get when converting it from one currency to another? You can use an app like Imploded Currency Converter using which you can instantly perform currency conversion. This app is accurate because it gets hourly updated currency conversion rates from which is known for its accurate currency exchange data.

In the Currency Converter app, you have to choose the source currency from a list of hundreds of currencies for different countries. Then you have to choose the destination currency similarly. Now you can enter a source currency and it will be instantly converted into the destination currency. Since the currency exchange rates are fetched from the internet, this app won’t work if you are offline. If you want to work with this app in the offline mode, then you have to buy the premium version of the app.

You can get the Imploded Currency Converter app for Android from