Share Radio Station or Song You’re Listening in XiiaLive

If there is a radio app for Android that supports both SHOUTcast and UberStations, then it is perhaps XiiaLive. This online radio app offers access to more than 30,000 online radio stations from all over the world. This is the only app you will need for listening to online radio stations. You can even search for music artists or their songs and it will show a list of radio stations where that track is being played at the moment. Not only you can listen to all sorts of radio stations from anywhere in the world, you get to listen to them in very high streaming quality.

Like myself, if you are also using XiiaLive for your online listening pleasure and you want to share whatever you have been listening with your friends over the social networks then you can do so easily from within XiiaLive app. It is very similar to sharing a song that you are listening to in Spotify with people over the Instagram.

Here is how you can share a radio station or song (or some other radio program) that you are listening to in XiiaLive app with others:

  1. First of all launch XiiaLive app in your Android phone or iPhone (in both cases the user interface is exactly the same).
  2. Find and tune to a radio station and when the song is playing, tap on the up-arrow to view song related options.XiiaLive Radio Station Sharing
  3. Tap on the share button which should give you options to share that track (song or radio program) with Facebook or Twitter.
  4. In addition to sharing with Facebook or Twitter, you can also tap on the three-dots to find more sharing options available on your smartphone. These sharing options depend on what kind of apps you have installed on your smartphone. For example, if you have installed Skype or Instagram, then you will get sharing options for Skype and Instagram both.XiiaLive Radio Station Sharing

This will share the status that you are listening to a song on XiiaLive along with the hashtag #xiialive. This will help your friends know what you have been doing and it will also help spread word about XiiaLive as well.