Create Responsive Websites with RocketCake

In high school the first computer language that we all have to learn is perhaps HTML. Using this markup language, we can create small and large websites. You can use HTML to create small websites using the old fashioned manual coding but when the sites become large you have to either switch to one of the CMS software or use one of the WYSIWYG editors that can help you quickly design or edit a website without having to deal with the usual pitfalls of manual coding.

RocketCake is one of such WYSIWYG website editors that can help you build a new website in minutes. You can use it to edit an existing website too. It offers tools for both the beginners and the advanced web designers. Even if you have no knowledge of basic HTML or other programming languages, you can still use it design and publish your website. The WYSIWYG nature of this website editor makes it easy for anyone to create a website. With the help of RocketCake, you can create responsive and interactive websites.

RocketCake WYSIWYG Editor

As soon as you launch RocketCake, it asks you to select one of the templates. These templates have some basic ready-to-edit webpages with different website designs. You can use these templates as the starting point of a big and complex website. Advanced users can ignore templates and can start from a blank website. You can even create your own templates.

In the editor, you can work with different pages of a website. Editing any page is like working with a document editor similar Microsoft Word. You can drag any HTML object from the “Toolset” on to the page such as heading, button, images, floating text, HTML5 video, photo gallery etc. For each object, you can modify properties to make them look and behave to your own taste. Even though RocketCake is mainly a WYSIWYG editor, it allows advanced users to manually code the pages. You can edit the code that is automatically generated by it.

Another great feature of RocketCake is the ability of previewing websites. This helps a developer see what the website is going to look like when it is published online. You can choose to preview the website in your web browser and if you like it, you can publish the website online by uploading it your web server.

RocketCake can make a web developers life easy. In just minutes, you can create and publish a website online. It supports all the modern web technologies. It is recommended both for the beginners and the advanced web developers.

You can download RocketCake Website Editor from