Hidden Disk : Hide Sensitive & Secret Files in a Virtual Partition

Everyone has some files that they do not want to be exposed to the public. It could be the journal that you wrote during your teenage years, it could be some of your sensitive email correspondence, it could be your tax files from ten years ago or it could be the pictures taken of your moments with your family. If you want to keep such secret files hidden then you can try a software called Hidden Disk.

Hidden Disk is a virtual drive software that can be used to create password protected virtual disks in Windows. These virtual disks appear only when you enter your password in the Hidden Disk software. Without the correct password, they will stay hidden from everyone and along with them all the contents of these virtual disks will also be hidden.

Creating a new partition using Hidden Disk is very easy. All you have to do is click on the Add partition button and it will create a new partition for you. You can double-click on the new partition icon in Hidden Disk window to change the settings for the new partition.

Hidden Disk

For any partition, you can set a new password, change the password or even remove an existing password. If you do not set a password for a partition, then anyone can open it through the Hidden Disk interface and access your files. You can set an image for the new virtual partition. Actually Hidden Disk comes with 25 images that you can use for your partition. You can also change the drive letter used for the partition.

Hidden Disk

Accessing and using the hidden partition is done through the Hidden Disk interface. You have to first double-click on the partition icon in Hidden Disk and then click on the Open the disk button. You will have to supply a password for accessing this partition. You can access it from Windows File Explorer like any other partition.

Hidden Disk

The free version of the Hidden Disk lacks hardware acceleration which is available only in the paid Pro version. With the help of hardware acceleration you would be able to access your files on the hidden partition much faster – all the file operations will be performed with the same speed as your actual physical disks.

You can download Hidden Disk from https://www.cyrobo.com/software/systm-en-allabout-hiddis-.php.