Easy Hot Key : Assign Custom Actions to Keyboard Keys

Every operating system including Windows comes with some hotkeys pre-configured. For example, you can use Win+I hotkey to open Windows Settings. These hotkeys make your life easy in your day-to-day work life. The tasks that would have otherwise taken multiple steps and much more time can be completed using the hotkeys in seconds.

While some of these hotkeys are built inside the operating system and others are added by other third-party software, you can also add your own custom hotkeys in Windows using “Easy Hot Key”. It is a special software using which you can assign your own custom hotkeys so that you can carry out any task you want through them.

“Easy Hot Key” has a very simple user interface that displays a list of all the hotkeys that you have added to your system. In order to add a new hotkey, you have to first press the key combination after selecting the hotkey input text field. Try not to use a key combination that is already in use by Windows or other software. You can even use the function keys (F-keys) usually found on a laptop’s keyboard.

Easy Hot Key

After entering a key combination, you can assign a task to it by selecting it from the drop-down list next to the hotkey input box. From this list you can choose tasks like display desktop, close all windows, hide certain windows, show hidden windows, open programs/directory, copy, paste, cut, open/close disc drive, simulate key combination, adjust volume, insert text, control audio/video playback, control web browser, search the internet, open email application, open web browser and more.


The tasks that have an asterisk in front of them have some options to be configured by the user before these hotkeys become active. For example, if you assign the task “Open web browser”, then you have to add the website that should be opened. You can right-click on the list of items to delete them, or export the hotkeys to a file. This file can later be loaded into “Easy Hot Key”.

Easy Hot Key

“Easy Hot Key” definitely makes it much easier to add custom hotkey and assign tasks to them. In only a few seconds, you can have hotkeys setup and working to do basically anything you want. With the help of these hotkeys you can finish your tasks faster, save your precious time and make your life much easier.

You can download StraightSoft Easy Hot Key from https://www.straightsoft.de/en/easy-hot-key/summary.