Password Protect Your Files with iBoysoft File Protector

One of the features of the NTFS file system in Windows 10 is the ability to limit access to files for certain users or user groups. But the way these permissions are setup using the File Explorer interface, through PowerShell or through command line interface is very tiresome and complicated. A much better approach is to just use a third party software like iBoysoft File Protector. It allows users to password protect any of the files or folders and limit the access of various programs to those files.

The user interface of iBoysoft File Protector offers two options – protect files and protect folders. Through these options you can choose a file or folder for protection as well as what kind of permissions are to be given (such a read, write, or deleting files). You can also add some programs that should have full access to these files.

iBoysoft File Protector

If you want to add some applications that have access to all the protected files and folders, then you can add them by selecting the Allowed Applications tab from the iBoysoft File Protector interface. From the list you can select only those applications that are registered with Windows.

iBoysoft File Protector

iBoysoft File Protector offers seamless integration with Windows File Explorer. After the installation, you can simply right-click on any file or folder and select Protect from the right-click menu to protect it. This will launch iBoysoft File Protector interface from where you can add the allowed applications and various file permissions.

iBoysoft File Protector

While iBoysoft File Protector offers an easy way to protect your files, it has to be installed in Windows. It would be much useful if it was a portable app. It is not free and is available only for seven days trial. After the expiration of the trial period, you will have to buy a license key for the full version in order to keep using it.

You can download iBoysoft File Protector from