FilelistCreator : Create and Export File & Folder Lists

There are so many reasons why you would want to create a list of files or folders on your computer. It could be that you want to make a list of all the pictures taken in your sister’s wedding, or you wanted to make a list of all of your music or ebook files. Whatever the reason is, you can make a list of the files using a freeware tool FilelistCreator. This standalone portable program can quickly create a custom file list and export it into many different document formats such as JPEG images or TXT documents.

FilelistCreator has a very straightforward interface. You have to add files or folders and you can use filters to selectively choose these files. For example, you can add regular expressions to filter file names or extensions. As soon as you add these files, it will generate a list for you and it will be displayed in the preview section.


You can customize the list using the controls on the right-side of the FilelistCreator window. Basically, you can choose to include files or folders or both. You can choose the columns that should be included in the list – these columns can be selected for many different types of files such as General, Folder, Date, Audio, Video, Images, Text, Documents and more.

You can choose the export file format from a drop list which gives you options of TXT, HTML, CSV, XLSX, ODS, DIF, PNG, JPG, and BMP. You can also send the list directly to your connected printer and have it printed on a paper sheet. If you send it to the virtual PDF printer in Windows 10, then you can save it as PDF document too. If you want to use the list in some other program, then you can copy it to the clipboard as well.

You can download FilelistCreator from