Efficient Notes Free : Simple Note Taking App for Windows

Many people use Notepad as their note taking application but it should not be used for random notes as you are liable to lose all the saved TXT files unless you take utmost care in saving them all in the same folder or on the cloud storage. But a much more smarter way is to use a note taking application like Efficient Notes Free specially designed to take notes so that you do not have to look for the notes in different text files or slips of paper.

With Efficient Notes Free you can manage all of your notes, reminders and other things in one place minimizing the probability of losing them in future. The application also allows you to search for your notes making it much easier for you to look for something whenever needed. It offers password protection which means that your notes will be accessible only to you after you have supplied the correct password.

The user interface of Efficient Notes Free is very easy to follow. You have to choose a section Notes, Search, Recycle Bin etc., from the left side. After this you can add, edit or remove the notes in the right side of the window. It offers all types of editing tools you would find in any good text editor – you can change fonts, text style, add lists and even emojis.

Efficient Notes Free

You can create many database files and load them whenever desired. These database files can be secured with a password and encrypted for protection. You can create multiple databases for different uses – for example, you can have one database for personal notes, another for work related notes and so on.

The interface of Efficient Notes Free can be customized through skins. There are many skins available that change the look and feel of the Efficient Notes Free window. You can choose from various skins or interface styles such as black, blue, green, pink, pumpkin, spring time, summer, valentine, Christmas etc.

You can download Efficient Notes Free from http://www.efficientnotes.com/freeedition.htm.