Find Which Celebrity You Look Like with Gradient Photo Editor

A few months ago we published about FaceApp – an Android app that leveraged the power of artificial intelligence in editing your photos. FaceApp became an overnight sensation because of the way it could edit the photos was a new thing for the so many people. And now another similar app called Gradient Photo Editor is making the rounds all over the internet.

This new app offers many paid features that make use of artificial intelligence when editing or modifying your pictures. But it also offers some of the free features like some basic editing, applying filters and effects, as well as some fun features like changing your hair color or finding out which celebrity you look alike.

Many people are complaining that the Gradient Photo Editor app is not free, but they are perhaps confused when the app offers subscription screen for the paid version. Instead of choosing any of the subscriptions, all you have to do is tap on the small X near the top-left of the screen.

Gradient Photo Editor

The most popular feature of the Gradient Photo Editor is the one that shows you which celebrity you look like. For this, you have to select Who’s Your Twin from the app and select your selfie picture stored in your phone’s memory. You can also take a fresh selfie for this. As soon as you select a photo, it will compare it with that of celebrities and present a step-by-step morphed progression of your photo into that of the celebrity.

Not happy with the results? You can just tap on the Next button and it will perform the comparison once more – this time finding some other celebrity. If you want, you can download the comparison picture and share it over social networks.

Gradient Photo Editor app also promises to come up with another feature soon that can change the color of your hair in the photo. It would certainly be fun to try different colors on yourself through artificial intelligence before taking a trip to the hair salon.




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