Find Your IP Address and Location with F-Secure IP Checker

In order to achieve complete anonymity on the internet, perhaps the first step would be to start using a VPN service such as F-Secure Freedome. It can be used to encrypt the data that is being transferred between your computer and the internet so that you stay protected from man-in-the-middle attacks. In addition, it can also be used to hide your IP address from all the web sites that you access on the internet. Hiding your IP address gives you anonymity and prevents from known trackers to follow your activity on the internet.

If you are already using a VPN service, then you must ensure that it is working properly and hiding your IP address. This can be done easily by visiting F-Secure IP Checker which is a new tool from F-Secure to check your IP address as visible to various web sites and your geographic location estimated from that IP address.

F-Secure IP Checker

After visiting the F-Secure IP Checker webpage in your web browser, you can simply click on the Show my IP button. In a few seconds, it will display your external IP address and location that includes the city and country names.

If the tool is still displaying your real IP address as assigned to your by your internet service provider, then your VPN service is either not working or it is not configured properly. Some of the free VPN providers limit your VPN usage to a few gigabytes and after you have reached the limit, they simply turn it off – silently exposing your real IP address to the world.

F-Secure IP Checker

As the F-Secure IP Checker suggests, you can get a reliable VPN service from a trustworthy name like F-Secure. They provide F-Secure Freedome VPN service that works across all the devices, hides your IP address and encrypts your internet connection.

You can use F-Secure IP Checker tool by visiting