Hedgewars Game for PC : Lead Your Hedgehogs Team to Victory

Hedgewars is a fun game for multiple platforms. It supports platforms Windows, macOS, Linux, BSD, iOS and more. In the game, you lead your team of small cute hedgehogs against another team of hedgehogs to win a small battle. This game might remind you of the once very popular game of Angry Birds. In the Angry Birds, you play as birds who are fighting with the pigs and similarly, in Hedgewars you are fighting with another team of hedgehogs.

Hedgewars has been in development for many many years. All these years, it was available only in the beta version. But now only a few days ago they have released the final version 1.0.0 and it is available for download for free. You can download and install it on all the various supported platforms.

Those who have not played Hedgewars before will find it a little difficult to start playing it. But it offers many tutorials that can teach you all the basics of playing this game. You have to learn these carefully before you can control your hedgehogs and defend an attack or fight against the other group.


The game can be played in both single player mode (with artificial intelligence) and in the multi-player mode online with other players. Furthermore, you can have random battles or start a campaign. In the campaign mode, you will have to go from one level to another and finally each the last level. If you choose random battles, then you can quickly enjoy the game with random settings.


There are many beautifully designed maps in this game. As you proceed to new levels, you get new maps and levels become harder. While the game does not have any special graphics, it does not focus on the graphics that much but on the gameplay tactics.


Hedgewars is a beautifully designed and addicting game that can keep you occupied for days. It may look annoying in the beginning, but once you get the hang of all the keys and movements to play the game, you will surely find it very enjoyable.

You can download Hedgewars game from https://www.hedgewars.org/.