Pixelitor : Open-Source Image Editor with Support for Layers

Pixelitor is an open-source image editor for Windows, macOS and Linux. It is designed using Java and requires that you have installed Oracle Java Runtime Environment (JRE) in your system. The program is very fast in both load time and performance compared to similar image editors like Paint.net or even GIMP. It has a typical interface that you would expect from a Java based program but it is very easy to access and navigate. In the version 4.2.2, it offers more than 110 different filters, effects and color filters.

Pixelitor is a layer based image editor that supports a large number of image formats including JPEG, PNG, PXC, BMP, GIF and OpenRastor files. Unlike other similar programs that force you to close one image before you can open and work with other images, Pixelitor offers a tabbed user interface and you can open many images at the same time, working with them simultaneously. This makes it very easy to copy from one image to another.

While other tools like GIMP and Adobe Photoshop or Corel, either take a lot of time to load or take considerable time in applying filters and effects, Pixelitor works really fast in comparison. It loads its full user interface in just 2 seconds and when you apply a filter it is instantly applied without hogging any system resources. We tested it on a PC with Intel Core i3 with 4GB RAM, and it was performing so impressively fast.


If you are thinking Pixelitor does not offer some features as the leaders like GIMP, then you are mistaken. It offers everything you can imagine – it has a toolbox with the usual image editing tools containing brushes, stamping tool, cloning tools, bucket fill, selection, shapes, crop, rotate and others. It packs filters, color adjustment tools and effects in the menbar in the same fashion as GIMP does.

Conclusion: Pixelitor is a really very fast image editor for all the popular desktop platforms. It supports layers, tons of filters & effects, batch processing of images and more. If you don’t like other open-source image editors like GIMP and do not want to spend money on commercial editors like PaintShop Pro then you will love Pixelitor.

You can download Pixelitor from http://pixelitor.sourceforge.net/.

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  1. I am helping a student with his assignment, and I needed this editor to render a few images for the assignment. I am really thankful for the user guide that you have posted here.

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