KpRm : Removes All Malware Removal Tools After Disinfection

When your computer gets infected by malware, first you get panicked and then you try to handle the matter yourself by downloading and installing anti-malware software like SuperAntispyware, HitmanPro or Malwarebytes’ AntiMalware on your computer. Using these tools is always a hit and miss – they can readily remove the malware or can completely miss the infection. If one doesn’t work, then you try to use another in the hope that one of them will finally get rid of the malicious programs on your computer.

All this leads to your computer having dozens of anti-malware, anti-spyware and anti-virus tools installed on it. Finally, when you have got rid of the infection, you have to remove these tools because now you no longer need them. In fact, keeping these tools installed on your PC might be dangerous as these tools can make system level changes.


A freeware KpRm can be used to remove all these anti-malware tools from your system in just one go. This tool can save you from the trouble of hunting for the anti-malware files after you have spent hours or days hunting for malware files and settings. In addition, it can also help delete restore points created in past 24 hours as these could still have infected files. It can even activate system recovery if it has been blocked by the malware.

Some malware make changes to your Windows system and all these usual changes can be reversed by KpRm. It can restore UAC (user account control), network settings (WinSock and DNS), and other default settings like hidden files, system files etc. After removing the anti-malware tools and restoring the system settings, KpRm also removes itself from the hard drive to stay true to its goal. You will be able to finally have a completely clean Windows PC after an episode of malware infection.

You can download KpRm from