Measure Your Heart Beat Rate Using Heart Rate Monitor

These days there are so many smart watches and fitness bands that come equipped with heart beat monitor. Using these devices, you can always find your heart beat rate even when you are running or exercising. This is essential to keep track of your heart beat rate to make sure that nothing is adversely affecting your cardiovascular health.

But you do not have to buy these health and fitness bands like Fitbit just to find your heart beat rate. You can use your Android smart phone to find your heart beat rate at any time you want using the free app Heart Rate Monitor. The only requirement for this app to work is that you have a smartphone with a camera in the rear along with a LED flash light. It is better if the camera lens and the flash LED are located close to each other.

Heart Rate Monitor

After launching the Heart Rate Monitor app, you will see all the instructions in the app itself. Basically, you have to put your index finger on the camera lens of your smartphone. The app will use the flash LED and the camera to monitor the heart beat from your index finger for 15 seconds and finally give you an average heart beat rate on your screen.

Heart Rate Monitor

You can save the results of the heart beat rate monitor for later use. You can even give a custom label to these results such as “After heavy dinner”, “after 10 minutes cardio” or “After five hour gym” etc. In the settings of the app, you can make the app beep with the heart beat as it monitors your heart beat rate, and you can also change the time period length used for measuring your heart beat rate.

You can get the Heart Rate Monitor app for Android from