Automatically Reload Tabs in Chrome Browser with Easy Auto Refresh

Every year Amazon and many other online shopping sites run Black Friday week deals in the last week of November. Some of us get glued to the computer screen checking these deals as they are updated every few minutes. In order to see the latest product additions or price discounts, we have to keep refreshing the web browser every 15-30 minutes. If you do not want to do all this refreshing in your web browser manually, then you can make use of an extension called Easy Auto Refresh for the Chrome web browser.

Easy Auto Refresh extension is useful not only for periodically refreshing online shopping sites during the big deal days, but you can use on any other website that you want to be reloaded automatically after every few seconds or minutes. After the installation of this extension in Chrome, you can access it from its shortcut icon in the toolbar.

Easy Auto Refresh

When you click on Easy Auto Refresh icon in Chrome’s toolbar, it shows up a small window where you can enter the number of seconds after which that tab is refreshed. The default value of the refresh frequency is 10 seconds, but you can put it any positive value of seconds. After that, you can simply click on the Start button and it will start the loop of refreshing that tab every few seconds. Later if you want to stop this cycle of automatically refreshing these tabs, you can once again click on the Easy Auto Refresh icon in the toolbar and then click on the Stop button.

Easy Auto Refresh

These are the only options available in the free version of this extension. However, if you buy the license and get the full version of the extension, you get access to more advanced options such as picking a random interval, clearing the browser cache before reloading each time, reload the tabs at a specific time etc.

You can get Easy Auto Refresh extension for Chrome browser from