Now Sci-Fi Action Game Destiny 2 is Free to Play

Destiny 2 is an online multi-player science-fiction game that has now been made free-to-play by Bungie. The story of the game has a very good resemblance with the Star Wars movies. In Destiny 2, you act as one of the guardians. These guardians are there to protect the last remaining safe city on the Earth. As a guardian, you have to fight back all the evil that intends to infiltrate into the city and strip it of all the light without which the guardians are powerless. Unfortunately, these cabals have take some of the light and now guardians cannot fight back unless they recover this light first.

In the game this is your goal. You have to set out on a journey to recover the light and then fight off the cabals so that you can reclaim the last safe city on the planet. The guardian can take the role of many different types – titan, warlock or hunter. The titan is well armored for heavy battles, the warlock is a mystic and the hunter is very fast. You can play in teams with others in many modes. During the game play you have to visit from one destination to another all over the solar system.

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is available on all the popular gaming platforms such as Xbox, PlayStation and Windows PC. For the PC version, the requirements are quite high even for the lower game settings. Destiny 2 is a first-person shooter that can be played in single person mode or in the multiplayer mode with friends. You can play it in PvE (player versus environment) mode or in the PvP (person versus person) mode. In our experience the game is played best with PlayStation 4 but it will run quite good on other platforms too.

You can play Destiny 2 for free on PlayStation, Xbox or PC (through Steam) by visiting