Repair System After Malware Infection with Pre_Scan

When malware infection takes place in your computer, it can end up corrupting your files and damaging Windows settings such as services or Registry entries. Sometimes, malware infection also disassociates file extensions with common programs and disables some internal tools such as Registry Editor. In such a system, you won’t be able to do anything much towards fixing the system and bring it back to the normal state without first repairing all the damage.

For repairing Windows settings after a malware infection, you can use the freeware tool Pre_Scan. It is a portable anti-malware tool that can repair a number of things in your PC after malware infection. For example, it can fix the system services killed by ZeroAccess malware, it can repair the file associations with default programs, it can restore correct attributes to files hidden by malware, etc. In addition, it can also fix the settings related to the Windows Security Center, delete known malicious programs, removes rogue programs from auto-run entries, disables the ActiveX plugins and more.

Pre_Scan Malware Removal

Pre_Scan has been created with AutoIt and must be run with administrator level access. When launched, it asks you to shutdown all the antivirus programs running in your system. As soon as you click on the OK button, it starts closing all the programs including Windows File Explorer. This is why before you run it, you better ensure that you have you saved any open files in editors and such.

Pre_Scan Malware Removal

Pre_Scan repairs various components, e.g. ActiveX, and restores hidden attributes of files that have been modified after the computer has been infected by viruses. All of this is done in a blazing flash. You will perhaps won’t even see the Pre_Scan window and it is all done.

But Pre_Scan does not remove all the files and the settings permanently. It saves them in a folder C:\Pre_Scan from where you can restore them at any time later.

You can download Pre_Scan from