Recover Lost Files from Any Storage Device with O&O MediaRecovery

Data loss is anyone’s nightmare but if you are equipped with proper data recovery tools, then you can get back your lost data in no time. If you have lost your important documents, pictures or video files, then you can use O&O MediaRecovery to recover them in a matter of minutes. This data recovery software can help you restore deleted files from all sorts of media storage devices such as microSD cards, memory cards, USB pendrives, hard disk drives, portable hard drives and more.

O&O MediaRecovery offers a wizard like interface to take you from one step to another for recovering your files. In the firsts step, you have to select one of the partitions or drives that are available on your system. These partitions could belong to any type of storage media. You can even select the unpartitioned space.

O&O MediaRecovery

It perform a deep scan of the selected partition or the unpartitioned space. This process may take a very long time depending on the size of the partition selected. There seems to be no option for choosing a slower or quicker scan mode – something you might see in other data recovery software.

Once the scan is complete, a list of all the found deleted files or folders is shown. You can go through this list, check the contents of these files through a “Preview” feature. After you have made a selection, you can proceed to recovering the selected files. Unfortunately, it does not allow any recovery in the trial version. For recovery of even a single file, you will have to purchase the license for the full version.

O&O MediaRecovery

Verdict: O&O MediaRecovery is a pretty good data recovery solution and because of its deep scanning of the storage media, it can recover all sorts of deleted files. But it lacks quick scan mode and does not allow any recovery in the trial mode like some other similar software do.

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