PINT : Command Line Portable Installer for Windows

If you want to install and update some of the very popular and essential software in Windows, then you can take help of a package manager app such as PINT. Package manager software can make everything easier when it comes to downloading and unpacking or updating the various programs. PINT, an open source package manager, also makes it extremely easy to download and update various programs. As of now, it supports downloading of more than 1200 different programs and their variants.

PINT is a small command line package manager for Windows. It is available in form of a single batch script file (pint.bat). Using this batch script, you can perform unpacking and updation of all the supported programs. It does not install apps in Windows, it only unpacks them in the apps folder for portable use. If you give the command pint without any parameters, then it will show you all the options and parameters that can be used with PINT.


If you want to search for a program in the database, then you can use the command pint search app where “app” is the keyword that you are searching for. If you do not give the name of the app and give the command pint search only, then you will get a list of all the apps available for installation.

In order to download and unpack any of the apps, you have to give the command pint install app where “app” is the name of the program that you want to download and extract. For example, if you want a portable version of the Lame MP3 encoder then you can give the command pint install lame. This will fetch the latest version of the app from the internet and extract it into the “apps” sun-folder.


Verdict: PNT (Portable Installer) can be used to quickly download the portable versions of various programs. It can also update your collection of apps. With 1200 different apps to choose from you will hardly find any app that is not available in PNT.

You can download PINT (Portable Installer) from