Remove Identical Files with Glary Duplicate Cleaner

When doing the spring cleaning of your computers, you are going to find thousands of junk or obsolete files that you no longer need. Among these are also the identical or duplicate files that were created for one reason or another. For example, when you file income taxes, you have to make backups of certain files and these files never get deleted – adding to the duplicate files problem.

You can easily find and remove such duplicate files on your hard drive using a free software Glary Duplicate Cleaner. This software can search your entire hard drive or selected folders for duplicate files. For scanning options, you can choose to match the identical files based on the file size, file time and file names. You can also choose to exclude certain folder paths.

Glary Duplicate Cleaner

After the search is complete, it displays all the duplicate files grouped together and listed by their file types. If the files are of media type, then you can select them and see a preview in the Duplicate Cleaner itself. For all the files, it shows the details like file size, file creation and modified dates. You can also see the file status of a group of duplicate files – copies or original. Its “Check intelligent” feature can help you select all but one file from each group after which you can go ahead and delete the copies of the original files.

Verdict: Glary Duplicate Cleaner can search for duplicate files and help you remove the copies. It can match duplicates by matching their file names, file sizes or file times but it cannot detect duplicate based on the file content or file hashes. There are other similar software that can detect identicals based on file contents as well as similarity of the files.

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