PDFMailer : Create, E-mail and Share PDF Documents

PDF documents are unique in the way that they look exactly the same even on different platforms that lack the fonts used in these documents. Because of their ability to keep the original format, they are very popular among the professionals such as the lawyers who are very particular about how their documents look and are reproduced through printers.

These days you can create PDF documents using Microsoft Word or LibreOffice, and there is also a virtual PDF printer that comes pre-installed with Windows 10, but if you want many more options and more control over how your PDF documents are produced, then you should try a free software called PDFMailer.


PDFMailer is a document format converter, PDF printer and sharing app. Using this app, you can convert Microsoft Word documents, Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and plain text TXT files into PDF documents. Apart from the conversion directly from the app’s interface, you can also use the PDFMailer virtual PDF printer installed in Windows to print any type of document into PDF file.

Other than the conversion of other types of files into PDF files, it is also able to help you edit the PDF files, encrypt the PDF documents, insert images or insert QR codes and e-mail or share the final PDF documents to your friends or co-workers. You can share the PDF documents through social networks like  Facebook or Twitter. You can also upload the PDF files to FTP servers if desired. It also supports Dropbox and Portalcloud.


Verdict: PDFMailer is a comprehensive PDF conversion solution for Windows computers. It offers virtual PDF printer as well as direct PDF conversion through its interface. It also has some basic PDF editing features and allows sharing your finished documents through FTP, e-mail, and cloud storage.

You can download PDFMailer from https://en.gotomaxx.com/#pdf-solution.