Help Users with Tor Proxy using Snowflake Extension for Chrome & Firefox

Tor proxy is used worldwide by people to stay anonymous on the internet. It is also very useful for the journalists working in some regions of the worldwide where the governing bodies restrict internet access to very common websites and services like Facebook, Twitter or even Google. Anybody can circumvent such restrictions using the Tor browser that is pre-configured to use Tor proxy.

If you live in a free country like the United States where there are no restrictions and want to help people in other not-so-free regions of the world, then you can just install an extension called Snowflake in your Chrome or Firefox web browsers. This extension will turn your browser into a proxy for the Tor network. For this to work, you must have WebRTC enabled in your web browser.

After installing Snowflake extension in your web browser, you can see its status at any time by clicking on its icon in the toolbar. From there, you can also disable Snowflake when you do not want to help with the Tor network. When disable, the extension icon displayed in the toolbar turns grey and this way you can easily know if it is enabled or disabled.

Snowflake Tor Proxy

One thing you must consider before installing this extension is whether your ISP allows it or not. For this, you can simply call the helpline of your ISP and ask them if you are allowed to use the Tor proxy or Tor browser. If they ask further questions, you can tell them direct them to the Tor Project website.

This extension is only for those people who wish to help others use the Tor proxy. This extension is not for the people who want to use anonymous Tor proxy to stay anonymous. It won’t add anything useful to your web browser, it is meant only for the volunteers.

You can get the Snowflake extension for Chrome and Firefox browsers from