Load CD/DVD/Blu-ray Images in Windows with DVDFab Virtual Drive

Starting from Windows 8, you do not really need any special software to load CD/DVD or Blu-ray ISO images in the File Explorer. You can just right-click on an ISO file and choose to Mount it in the File Explorer. But Windows is limited to mounting only the ISO images. If you want to mount other types of optical media images such as BIN, IMG, NRG etc., then you will have to use third-party software like DVDFab Virtual Drive. It is a virtual drive software that can help you not only mount a number of optical media images in Windows.

DVDFab Virtual Drive sits in the notification area of Windows desktop and from there you can access all of its features. You can simply right-click on any of the supported disc images such as ISO and select the option to load it. But you can also right-click on the DVDFab Virtual Drive notification area icon and choose the mounting options for loading and choosing a disc drive letter. Unmounting is done simply by ejecting that virtual drive or through the notification area icon.

DVDFab Virtual Drive

If you have a Blu-ray disc or its contents copied to a folder, DVDFab Virtual Drive can also help create MINISO images using these contents. MINISO is a special disc image format designed specially for Blu-ray discs. For this, you have to right-click on the notification area icon and select Make .miniso Image.

DVDFab Virtual Drive

In the settings of DVDFab Virtual Drive, you can choose to make it run automatically at Windows start, you can set the number of virtual drives available through DVDFab Virtual Drive (default value is 19), you can setup hotkeys to facilitate working with disc emulation, and you can also integrate the disc image formats with DVDFab Virtual Drive.

You can download DVDFab Virtual Drive from https://www.dvdfab.cn/virtual_drive.htm.