Abyssmedia BPM Counter: Find Which MP3 Has More Beats

The first thing we all do when we buy a new car is  ensure that it has a good sound system. The sub-woofer must be able to reproduce that thump-thump-thump of the beats in just the right manner. Try playing David Guetta‘s new song This One is for you featuring Zara Larsson) and if you don’t get good enough beats, you better get a new sub-woofer. A good music experience can be had only if you have the right sound hardware in your car or home. And if you are having problem finding those songs with great beats in your MP3 collection, then you can seek the help of Abyssmedia BPM Counter.

BPM Counter is a software that can quickly and accurately find the BPM (beats per minute) count for any MP3 or WAV file. It takes only one or two seconds to go through a single file and show how many beats are in that track. If you have a huge music collection containing MP3 files, you can use it to make a list of all the songs having large number of beats. Songs with good beats are great for parties or other noise making events.

Abyssmedia BPM Counter

The user interface of BPM Counter allows you to easily select a folder where you have stored your MP3 or WAV files. As soon as you select that folder from the left-side folder tree-view, it will scan and populate a list of all the supported music files found in that folder. It does not scan in the sub-folders so that must be done manually. It goes from one file to another and calculates the BPM value for them which is then displayed in the list. You can sort the list in decreasing BPM value so that you can see all the songs with more BPM first.

Abyssmedia BPM Counter

In the options for the program, you can choose whether it should work with MP3 files, WAV files or both. You can choose whether the BPM count should be saved with the ID3 metadata inside the MP3 files. You can also choose the number of decimals for showing the BPM count if you want to see more accurate values.

BPM Counter is a really useful program for people who want to play songs with more beats. Amateurs and professional DJs both can use BPM Counter to select the music with really good beats.

You can download Abyssmedia BPM Counter from https://www.abyssmedia.com/bpmcounter/.