ASUS GPU Tweak II: Overclock and Monitor Graphics Cards

Serious PC gamers are always looking for new ways to improve the performance of their gaming computers. They are always hunting for faster CPU, faster GPU, more RAM, better SSD and a heavy duty PSU. Only with a powerful gaming rig, they can beat other players in online games like Fortnite. But you do not always have to spend extra money or upgrade the hardware to get that extra power, you can just overclock your GPU to improve its performance in seconds.

If you have an gaming computer then you can use ASUS GPU Tweak II to overclock its graphics card and monitor its performance.  It works for both desktop and laptop computers – the only requirement is that the PC has a supported graphics card.. It supports all the popular graphics card manufactured by AMD or Nvidia. It does not support Intel graphics cards at this time.


In the user interface of ASUS GPU Tweak II you can find the current levels of GPU speed, GPU temperature and VRAM usage. It has many sections like temperature, overclocking, gaming mode, silent mode etc. You can pick any of these sections to find more options related to them. For example, under the overclocking section you can change the GPU clock frequency if supported by the GPU. Since overclocking the GPU will also make it generate more heat, you are given options to control the cooling fan speed as well.

ASUS GPU Tweak II comes bundled with other useful programs. At present it comes with XSplit Gamecaster which can be used to broadcast your gaming sessions over to sites like Twitch. It comes with one year XSplit Gamecaster premium account license worth US$99. It allows you to not only stream your gameplay but also record it an save it as MP4 video locally.

You can download ASUS GPU Tweak II from