AirVisual Air Quality : Monitor Air Quality in Your City

Due to unabated industrialization and incessant cutting of trees, the air in major cities around the world has become very polluted. According to United Nations, living in some cities has now become akin to living inside a gas chamber. The polluted air can reduce your life span and can trigger some of the very dangerous respiratory diseases such as lung cancer, asthma and emphysema. This is why you should always be in the know about the air quality in your city and plan your activities accordingly.

You can use the AirVisual Air Quality app for Android and iPhone to always stay in touch with the quality of air in your city. The app can also tell you about the air quality of thousands of cities located all over the world. It can detect your city through your phone’s GPS or through your IP address. You can also manually pick a city from the continent-wise and country-wise categorized list of cities.

AirVisual Air Quality

In the information displayed, you can see the air quality index of the city. A color notation is used to quickly indicate the air pollution level – green color means air quality is good and red color means it is very poor. It shows the sources of the air quality data providers on the same screen. Along with the temperature, humidity and wind speed it also shows some basic forecast for the next few days.

Depending on the air quality for a specific city, it can display various factors causing the pollution. These pollutants might include PM 2.5 (particulate matter smaller than 2.5 micrometers), PM 10 (particulate matter of 10 micrometer size), Carbon Monoxide (CO), Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2), and Ozone (O3).

AirVisual Air Quality

Based on the air quality level, this app can give you suggestion as to whether you should open windows and go out for exercise or stay inside, user air purifier, close all windows and wear air pollution masks. You can also buy the special masks manufactured by AirVisual from within this app. These masks can filter fine particles like PM 2.5 and can help you avoid ill effects of air pollution and smog.

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