Birthday Reminder : Never Forget Anyone’s Birthday

We all try our best not to forget the birthdays of our friends, relatives and loved ones, but nothing seems to work. We mark these special days on the calendar and we use all sorts of apps but we forget to turn over the calendar to the current month and we often swipe away all the app notifications. In this busy life, things have become so bad that sometimes we even forget our own birthdays until someone reminds us.

In the childhood, it was our moms who would gently remind us, “today is your dad’s birthday” or “your sister turns 12 today”. But now we have to depend on programs like Birthday Reminder which is an excellent portable application for all of your birthday reminding needs.

This small program can be used to remind us of all the birthdays in Windows. You have to first add all the birthdays in the program’s database and then it will keep reminding you everyday when any of these birthdays are 2 weeks away.

Birthday Reminder

The program comes with two applications – BirthdayReminderPortable setup.exe and Check now.exe. The first application is for changing the options and adding birthdays to the database. The second program is for checking whether today is someone’s birthday.

Birthday Reminder

When you want to add someone’s birthday, you can launch first of the above-mentioned applications, click on the New button and then enter name of the person, date of birth, an icon as well how many days ahead of the birthday you should be reminded.

Birthday Reminder

Depending on the options selected, it will run once everyday in your Windows PC and remind you of upcoming birthdays. By default, it alerts you 14 days before each of the birthdays which gives you good enough time to prepare for the day – buy gifts, buy new clothes, plan a trip or a surprise party.

You can download Birthday Reminder from