Better ClearType Tuner Changes Font Smoothing in Windows 10

Font smoothing is a feature found in all the modern operating systems. In Windows 10, it is called ClearType and you can search for it in the Windows 10 settings (hotkey is Win+I). It was introduced after the invent of the LCD or LED monitors. Before LED computer screens became popular, everyone used the big and bulky CRT monitors. For the graphics designed, CRT monitors are still the first choice as they display pictures better – there are no viewing angle limitation, no limitations because of the LED array, color reproduction is better and contrast ratio is steeper.

To make edges of the text displayed using various fonts on your LED screen, you have to enable and setup the ClearType feature in Windows 10. This feature is built inside Windows 10 and smooths the font display making the text look better. You will love the smooth fonts both when using the File Explorer and when using a text editor like Notepad, Wordpad, LibreOffice Writer or even Microsoft Word.

Better ClearType Tuner.

For configuring ClearType in Windows 10, you can also use an open-source application Better ClearType Tuner which works very well in all versions of Windows 10. In this application, you can enable font antialiasing, change the contrast level and also shows you a preview of how fonts look when zoomed to 400% level. The preview can be seen in greyscale, color RGB or BGR mode. And if you are not happy with the custom settings, you can always restore everything back to the default values.

Better ClearType Tuner is a portable app and does not require you to install it in Windows. You do not have to run it with administrator level access to make it work. It is a life saving app for the people involved in the graphic editing, publishing, printing or web designers.

You can download Better ClearType Tuner from