Configure CleanBrowsing DNS Based Filter Easily in Windows

The way your computer connects to a website requires the use of a special domain name server (DNS) that translates the human readable website addresses (for example, into the numeric IP addresses (such as assigned to the web servers where that website is hosted.

Usually your internet service provider (ISP) assigns two DNS servers (primary and secondary) that takes care of all the trouble in the background. But by using special publicly available DNS servers we can get special features. For example, CleanBrowsing DNS provides blocking of inappropriate websites at the DNS level and you do not have to manually set these DNS addresses in Windows – it offers a free Windows application for automatically assigning the DNS servers.

The CleanBrowsing app for Windows displays you three options – custom filters, free family filters and free adult filter. You can click on the buttons next to the respective filters to enable them. For enabling the custom filters, you have to create an account with CleanBrowsing and set the filters on their website, then post the link in the app. Another thing to note is that the custom filters are not free and you must pay for using these.

CleanBrowsing DNS Filter

Among the freely available filters are family filters and adult filters. Family filters are great if you have kids in your house and these filters block all the content inappropriate for kids. For example, family filters blocks access to all the adult websites, proxies, mixed content websites, phishing sites and sets safe mode for Youtube, Bing and Google. The adult filters also block all these sites that family filters block except the proxies and the mixed content sites.

Unlike some similar DNS providers, CloudBrowsing does not show blocked message if you try to access a website blocked by it. Rather it just acts as if that website does not exist at all. This is great when you have kids and teens in your house.

You can download CleanBrowsing app for Windows from

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