Epic Games Store Giveaway : “Nuclear Throne” Action Game

The time for the weekly giveaway from Epic Games Store is here once again. This week they are giving away Nuclear Throne – an action packed game with top-down view. If you have ever played Grand Theft Auto 1 from 1997 then you will get an idea of what top-down games look like. While playing top-down games, you view everything from the top. Even though Nuclear Throne has a bit older style graphics, the story and action makes up for everything else.

Nuclear Throne takes you to a post-apocalyptic world where mutants and monsters live everywhere. You have to fight against them to finally defeat the big monster called “Nuclear Throne”. You start with basic weapons and have to fight against many monsters. As you go through the game, you collect radiation pellets and advanced weapons. The radiation pellets can give you extra abilities.

Nuclear Throne

During the game, you can activate other characters as well. At any given time, you can play one of the twelve other characters. Each of these characters have unique abilities and you can switch to them for special situations and defeating some monsters. Ability to switch to other characters gives you many different ways to defeat the same set of monsters and adds more to the fun.

This game has the least possible hardware requirements for games being played in 2019. It can be played on a Windows XP machine having only 1 GB of RAM. Your system’s basic GPU will be enough to play this game at optimal resolution.

Nuclear Throne

In order to claim this game for free from Epic Games Store, you can visit https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/nuclear-throne/home in your web browser. You have to login to your Epic Store account and add the game to your library. But for downloading, installing and playing Nuclear Throne you have to install Epic Games Launcher in your computer.