Duplicate File Finder Mini : Finds Duplicate Files in Windows

If your hard disk drive is nearly full then it does not always mean that now you need another storage drive. There is a high probability that your hard disk drive has hundreds of large duplicate files and these duplicate files have filled your storage drive to the brim. Before you shell out your hard earned money for buying another drive, you should run a tool such as Duplicate File Finder Mini to search and remove the possible identical files from your hard drive. You might be in for a surprise and can get as much as half of the entire capacity of the hard disk drive freed up.

Duplicate File Finder Mini is a free and fast tool for finding all the large duplicate files on your computer. It is really fast in operation, however it sacrifices some accuracy for being fast. It compares file sizes to find the duplicate files and does not compare the file content. This means that duplicate files it finds might not be actually duplicate. Furthermore, it looks for files larger than 1MB in file size only. So if you have duplicate files smaller than 1 MB in size, they will be ignored.

Duplicate File Finder Mini

This tool does not give many options when it comes to picking up a location to search. You can choose only between two options – scan all hard drives and scan all hard drives except the operating system drive. As you click on Find Now, it puts the wheels into motion and withing 3-4 minutes it is ready with the results.

As mentioned before, it does not compare file contents to detect duplicate files. Therefore, you should be careful when deleting duplicates and must ensure manually that the selected files are actually identical in all manner. From each duplicate group, you can select all but one file and choose to delete the rest, move them to a folder or send them to the recycle bin.

Duplicate File Finder Mini

Verdict: Duplicate File Finder Mini is impressive when it comes to the speed of scanning for duplicates. But it is a bit risky as it does not compare files by their content or their hashes. You have to be careful when removing duplicates using this tool.

You can download Duplicate File Finder Mini from https://duplicatefilefinder4pc.com/duplicate-file-finder-free.htm.