NoDoze Prevents Windows from Dozing Off

Windows has so many exciting features that sometimes it becomes hard to choose which feature to enable and which to disable. For example, we all want to have the screensaver enabled but we also do not want it to interrupt us when we are doing something important like reading through some documents, news stories or blogs. When you are just reading something or engaged in a similar activity where no input from the user is required, the system may assume that user is idle and not using the computer. This kick starts all the tasks that Windows starts when the system is idle – screensaver being one of these tasks.

So when you are busy reading your newspaper’s electronic subscription (e-paper), your computer may either want to start the screensaver or just turn off the screen. You can simply move your mouse cursor or tap any key on the keyboard to go back to whatever you were doing, but with the help of a freeware program called NoDoze, you can keep your screen up and screensaver sleeping all the time.


NoDoze is a little portable program that simulates keystrokes and mouse movement in order to always keep your system awake and prevent it from becoming idle. By keeping the system always awake, you can prevent idle time activities like screensaver, file indexing, and turning off the computer screen.

As soon as you launch NoDoze, it places itself in the notification area icon and from there you can access its settings. In the settings of NoDoze, you are shown a list of all the running processes belonging to visible windows. You can pick any from the list and then click on the Add button. By adding a process to the list, you ensure that system won’t be idle as long as that process is active.

NoDoze is no-nonsense sleep prevention program for Windows. It can be used by people who regularly leave their computer unattended or avoid using keyboard/mouse for prolonged periods of time.

You can download NoDoze from