IceDrive : Cloud Storage with 10 GB Free Cloud Space

While other cloud storage providers usually give only a few gigabytes free (Dropbox gives only 2 GB free), IceDrive is a cloud storage provider that is giving 10 GB free without any hoops to jump through. You don’t have to invite any of your friends or share the links over the social networks to get this 10 GB. As soon as you create a free IceDrive account, 10 GB storage is at your disposal.

IceDrive offers clients for all the popular platforms such as Android and Windows. You can also access IceDrive from its web interface. For Windows, it integrates IceCloud into the system and then you will be able to access your cloud storage just like any other network drive. Unlike some other cloud storage services, there is no syncing required. You can simply access your files from the Windows File Explorer and the access speed will depend on your internet connection speed.


After the installation of IceDrive client for Windows, you have to reboot your system and IceDrive will appear in Windows File Explorer just like any other drive. But if IceDrive is not readily visible, then you will have to mount it first. You can click on the Mount button in the IceDrive window for this or you can right-click on the IceDrive notification area icon for the mounting options.


In the settings for IceDrive, you can choose to start it with Windows, prevent Windows from going into the sleep mode, as well as display shared or encrypted folders. In the free version, encryption is not allowed. For availing yourself the encryption features, you will have to upgrade to other plans like Lite, Pro or Pro+ all of which offer encryption as well as larger cloud storage space.


You can create a free IceDrive account and get 10 GB free cloud storage by visiting

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