PangoBright : Screen Dimmer for Windows

Usually in notebook computers, the keyboard has function keys (Fn keys) to change the brightness of the screen. These keys work across all the operating systems including Windows and Linux. Similarly on desktop computers, you can use a media keyboard that comes with many different special keys including the ones to increase or decrease the screen brightness. Furthermore, you can also change the screen brightness by clicking on the battery icon in the notification area in Windows and picking a brightness percentage – but this option may not be available if your screen’s device drivers do not provide this option.

If your Windows PC does not give any option to change the screen brightness from the notification area, then you can use free PangoBright screen dimmer. This tool can help you quickly dim the screen brightness from anywhere between 20% to 100% without actually changing the system settings.

PangoBright Screen Dimmer

PangoBright does not actually change the screen brightness at system level. It rather places a dimmer window all over the screen and its transparency level is set to the percentage set by you. It gives an appearance that your screen brightness has gone down. From the notification area icon of PangoBright, you can change both the dimming level as well as the fade-out color. If you have multiple monitor configuration, then you can change the screen dimming level of all of these monitors using PangoBright.

PangoBright is an ideal software for people who spent all day working in front of their computers and do not want to expose their eyes to very bright screens all the time. It is also great for people who work in dark surroundings like in the night-clubs or when you are trying not to disturb anyone in the room by switching on the room lights.

You can download PangoBright screen dimmer from