NVCleanstall : Customize NVIDIA Drivers Installation in Windows

NVIDIA device drivers are the updated every now and then. With each new update they add new features, better performance and more stability. But now they are also adding things that are not really needed for basic functionality of the NVIDIA graphics cards. For example, now it offers GeForce experience installation which is not really needed. If you do not want to install these extra features and want to customize the installation of the NVIDIA graphics cards, then you can use a third-party tool called NVCleanstall.

It is a small and portable tool for downloading, customizing and updating NVIDIA graphics card drivers. It works only with NVIDIA hardware and will not work if you have graphics card from some other manufacturer. As you launch this software, it starts to detect your graphics card hardware and the driver version installed on your computer. You are given three options – choose best driver, manually pick a driver version or select a driver installer file from your hard drive.


In the next step, you have the options to select which of the components of the NVIDIA graphics driver package are to be installed. At the minimum, you have to install the display drivers. But you can customize the installation by picking any of these components like nView desktop manager, PhysX, Optimus, NV Container, WMI Provider and more. You can even select the GeForce Experience components if you want to. As you proceed, NVCleanstall will finish the installation for you and after a system reboot your drivers will be ready for use.


NVCleanstall provides a convenient way to install NVIDIA graphics card drivers.Not only you can download and install the latest version of the device drivers, but you can also downgrade the version by selecting an available version from the list.

You can download NVCleanstall from https://www.techpowerup.com/download/techpowerup-nvcleanstall/.