Passport Photo Maker : Edit and Print Photos for ID Requirements

When applying for any kind of job, service or account, we often have to paste passport side photographs on the application forms. For example, if you want to apply for a bank account then the application form usually requires two passport size photographs. The dimensions and other requirements for the passport size photos change from country to country. If you have a color printer at home, then you can use Passport Photo Maker to print your own proper passport size photos that satisfy all the dimensions and conditions for a country or organization.

Passport Photo Maker is a software that makes it very convenient to crop your photographs and get them ready for printing. You should snap your front-facing photograph with light-colored background for using with this software. As soon as you select your picture, it will automatically detect your face and mark the various regions in the photograph – eyes, center of face, chin and head etc. You can also manually adjust these to select the portion of the photograph for making it ready for the next steps. In our testing, we didn’t really have to do any manual adjustment to any of the photographs.

Passport Photo Maker

In the other editing options in Passport Photo Maker, you can change the background, change the clothes, retouch the photo, show highlights, and more. You can also rotate the photo to make it straight if needed. Finally, in the “Print” section you can select a paper size and the number of photos to be printed on that paper. You can also choose the lines or markings for cutting the photographs. You will need a glossy photo paper for good quality printing of the photographs. You will also need a guillotine paper cutter/trimmer to cut the photographs properly.

You can download Passport Photo Maker from