Pipette : Free Color Picker Tool for Windows

When you are working with graphics editors and want to know the exact color code of the color used in a picture or a website, then you cannot use the regular eye dropper tool because the website is outside the scope of the graphics editor. For this, you will need a special tool like Pipette that can be used to find the color code of any object visible on your computer screen.

Pipette is a portable color picker utility that offers not only the convenience of picking the color code from your screen, but also from the usual color selection dialog. In order to select the color of a picture, website element or any other object visible on your desktop, you have to first click on the Pipette button and then click on the part the color of which you want to find out.

Pipette Color Picker

It will display the color of all the pixels as you move your mouse pointer when using the Pipette feature. All the selected colors are translated into a number of different color code formats – RGB, HEX, RGB %, CMYK, CMY, HSV, TColor, XYZ, xyz etc. Some of these color code formats are application specific (such as TColor) while others are universally used by all programs. You can copy these to clipboard by using the specific buttons next to the color codes.

All the colors that you select either through the Pipette feature or through the color selection dialog are added to a list in the program’s window. This is really helpful as you can go back to the previously used colors instantly by picking them from this list and find their color codes.

Verdict: Pipette can prove to very handy and productive tool for the website and graphic designers. With its help they can find colors of anything visible on your screen without having to dig deep into the source code or using other workarounds.

You can download Pipette Color Picker from https://www.sttmedia.com/pipette.