Snowman Globe Shows Days Remaining Until Christmas

Up near the north pole, Santa and his elves are busy preparing for the upcoming Christmas. Santa has a Christmas countdown clock that keeps them informed of the number of days remaining until the Christmas day arrives. And now you can also have a similar countdown clock for your Windows computer using a free software called Snowman Snow Globe. This small tool keeps showing you the time left for the most wonderful day of the year when kids are going to get their wishes fulfilled.

Snowman Snow Globe is fully portable software and does not require any installation.  As soon as you launch it, it shows a beautiful snow globe near the notification area of your Windows desktop. But it is not fixed to be positioned near this corner of your screen. You can drag it around anywhere on your computer screen wherever you find it suitable. It will automatically set itself to be launched each time you sign-in to Windows.

Snowman Snow Globe Christmas Countdown

You can right-click on this globe to see all the options available for it. From this right-click menu, you can choose the target for the countdown timer – Christmas day, New Year or the Julian Christmas day. Julian Christmas day is usually in the first week of January because it is based on the Julian calendar as opposed to the more popular Gregorian calendar.

Similarly, you can right-click on the snow globe and change the transparency level anywhere from 0% to 90%. Using a lower transparency you can keep the snow globe on top of all the windows and still keep working with all of the other applications. From the right-click options, you can also toggle its automatic running at Windows startup.

Snowman Snow Globe Christmas Countdown

Snowman Snow Globe bring the Christmas festivity to your Windows PC and keeps us informed of the days remaining until the Christmas day. This way you will never forget to buy and wrap the Christmas presents for your loved ones.

You can download Snowman Snow Globe Christmas Countdown from