System Font Bold : Display Fonts in Bold in Windows 10

Back in the days of Windows 7, you could easily customize various parts of a window including the title bar, status bar and so on. You could change the color schemes as well as the font face and font weight. But all these features are no longer available in the newest builds of Windows 10. In the recent development, Microsoft even removed the ability to make Windows use bold fonts in the user interface. Fortunately, you can still manage to set the bold fonts for the various parts a window in Windows 10 using a freeware program called System Font Bold.

The System Font Bold program was designed to give the Windows users access to the advanced font settings. Using this program, you can make all the traditional applications use the bold fonts in the various parts of their windows. It is a portable program and does not require any installation. You can just launch it and start using it right away.

System Font Bold

In the small window of System Font Bold, you can choose the icon spacing between various icons on the desktop and you can choose both the horizontal and vertical spacing using the slider bar controls. You can choose the various parts of system controls that should be getting the bold fonts, for example, the title bar, menu bar, message box, palette title, icon and tool tip. After selecting all the different options you have to click on the Apply button. After this you will have to either reboot or sign out and sign back in so that you can see the changes made by System Font Bold.

System Font Bold

Later if you want to reverse the changes made System Font Bold in your Windows 10 computer, you can launch it again and this time choose the Reset option. Even though mainly designed for Windows 10, it can also be used in earlier versions of Windows.

You can download System Font Bold from