Start Everywhere Brings Start Menu on Windows Desktop

Start Menu used to be the main access point for various installed programs and system tools in Windows from Window 95 to Windows 7. But it was removed in Windows 8 and it was reintroduced later in a reduced format after Windows users protested. Because some Windows users cannot live without the old style Start Menu from Windows 7 that presented cascaded menus, now there are so many alternatives and replacements for Start Menu for Windows 10. Start Everywhere is one of such Start Menu replacements that can display Start Menu from anywhere in Windows – from notification area, from Desktop and by using hotkeys.

Start Everywhere

It displays a floating icon on your desktop, you can right-click on it and it will display cascaded menus just like old fashioned Start Menu. You can access the programs, desktop shortcuts, documents, Windows 10 Apps, system tools, and power options like that for shutting down Windows. You can drag this floating icon anywhere on your desktop according to your own convenience and use it from there.

Start Everywhere

In the settings for Start Everywhere, you can choose color themes for its user interface from green, blue, brown, black, light blue, red, white and more. The default theme selected at first launch is blue. You can change its size and the size of the click-button (the floating icon). You can select which items, folders or categories are to be displayed in the menu. You can set hotkeys for launching Start Everywhere, change the display fonts and more.

Start Everywhere

Start Everywhere is very convenient way to access all of the programs installed on your PC and also the documents stored on your local storage media just like the old Start Menu days. It offers all kinds of customization, is very pleasing in appearance and is very easy to use.

You can download Start Everywhere from

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