String-O-Matic : Search and Replace Text in Multiple Files

One of the few things that we have do time and time again is the searching and replacing of the words and phrases when editing text documents. Most of the text editors provide search and replace functions. For example, the popular versatile editor Notepad++ offers a very impressive search and replace feature. But if you have to replace text in a multitude of files then you should use a program that is designed for this very purpose called String-O-Matic.

It is an advanced search and replace software that can perform string replacement in multiple files in a matter of seconds. It offers a very well designed user interface that provides the ability to select a number of eye-pleasing skins. You begin by starting a new project in which you have to add a number of files, the strings that you want to search for, the replacement strings, and then run the operation. It will show you the process and results in a matter of seconds or minutes depending on the size of files.


You can make the operation a little bit more advanced by selecting options for the project such as case sensitive search, using regular expressions, use of wildcards (both * and ? are supported), whether to prompt for permission before each replacement, whether to make a backup of the original files, if you want to limit the number of replacements per file and more. It can create a ZIP archive of the original files as backup.

You can also exclude some files that you do not want to be modified which is a great option when working with hundreds of files. If you want to search within a range of lines in text files, then you can also set the lines limit. It saves a log of all the search and replacement operations so that you can analyze what changes it has made to your files.

String-O-Matic is a clever search and replace software for Windows. It is ideal for both writers and programmers who want their files modified but find it really cumbersome to do it manually.

You can download String-O-Matic from