WinArchiver Virtual Drive : Mount CD/DVD Images and Archives

There was a time when people used to stand in long lines in front of computer stores hours before the release of new version of Microsoft Windows on a CD or DVD disk. Some people may even boast of their Floppy Disks collection containing Microsoft Windows installation. But now things have completely changed as now we just download the new version of operating systems in form of ISO or other types of CD/DVD images and use them to create our own installation media with the help of tools like Rufus.

However, if you do not want to burn these ISO images on a real physical blank CD or DVD and also do not want to create a bootable USB drive, then you can use a virtual drive software to use them in Windows. A software like WinArchiver Virtual Drive can help you mount CD/DVD images easily in Windows. In addition to mounting optical media images, it can also mount archives as virtual drives.

WinArchiver Virtual Drive

During installation it gives you options of how many virtual drives you want to be installed in Windows, whether you want to auto-run WinArchiver Virtual Drive at Windows startup and if you want to auto-mount previously mounted ISO images. Later, you can choose all these options from the notification area icon too.

WinArchiver Virtual Drive

You can right-click on the notification area icon for WinArchiver Virtual Drive and choose to mount or unmount disk images. It also allows you to set the number of virtual drives and unmount all of these drives at once. You can basically use all the other unused drive letters to be used for virtual drives.

In the configuration for WinArchiver Virtual Drive, you can set the number of drives, auto-mount and auto-start options. You can set the virtual drive letters for particular CD/DVD images or archives. You can choose the temporary folder for internal use of WinArchiver Virtual Drive and more.

WinArchiver Virtual Drive

WinArchiver Virtual Drive is a small tool originally designed for Windows 7 and it is still working for Windows 10 computers. It has an advantaged over the in-built Windows ISO virtual drive feature – it can mount archive files such as ZIP or 7Z files as if they are disk images.

You can download WinArchiver Virtual Drive from