Turn a Number of JPEG Images into a PDF Document

It so happened that I was sent a NDA (non disclosure agreement) to be signed and sent back. I printed it, signed it, scanned it but there was a problem – I was expected to send it back in the PDF document format. If you have a scanner that automatically converts scanned images into a single PDF file then you are lucky but I didn’t have such advanced scanner. So I found a workaround using an online web app that can convert JPEG images into PDF documents.

We all experience such things in daily life at work. There are times when we have to sign some documents and send them back through email or some other online method. Things become difficult when the other side is expecting the signed document in the PDF format. If your scanner does not support saving the scanned images in the PDF format, then you will have to first scan the signed paper into JPEG files and then convert those JPEG files into PDF file format.


You can simply visit the online web app provided by PDF.io and select all of your JPEG image files that you want to convert into a single PDF file. You can upload files from your local hard drive or fetch files from Google Drive, Dropbox or from an online resource by providing its URL.


Once the documents have been uploaded, you are given some basic options like the page size (A3, A4, US Letter, US Legal etc), you can choose the orientation (landscape, portrait or use automatic orientation), you can choose the page margins (non, narrow, wide, moderate) and more. The final PDF document can be downloaded to your computer or saved to Google Drive or Dropbox cloud storage.

You can visit https://pdf.io/jpg2pdf/ to convert JPEG images into PDF documents.