Blast Objects on Any Website in Firefox with the Laser Cat

Some things online make us so angry that we wish we had one of those lightsabers from The Star Wars movies so we can vent our anger on them. It is believed that the lightsaber is a laser based futuristic weapon that can be used just like a sword when fighting with enemies. While owning a lightsaber is not realistic and may not be so for many many decades to come, but you can still manage to vent your anger at all things online using the Laser Cat. It is an extension for the Mozilla Firefox web browser using which you can target any object on any website and it will emit a lethal dose of high energy laser beam on it.

After the installation of the Laser Cat extension in your Firefox web browser, you can click on the cat icon in the toolbar to bring up an innocent looking cat on your screen. But this cat is nowhere close to innocent as this cat’s eyes can emit those deadly laser rays for fun. Once the cat is on your screen, you can use your mouse to click on anything on the website and boom! In the blink of an eye, poweful laser beams travel from cat’s eyes and strike that object down. You can see the sparks fly on your screen along with the sound.

The Laser Car

If you keep holding the mouse button (left-click button) then it will keep hitting that part of the website with laser. The cat will go away when you click on the toolbar icon for the Laser Cat. It is great fun to blast off different things on various websites, but capturing a screenshot of all this fun is not easy. Perhaps the developer should add an option to capture the screenshot and share it over Twitter.

You can get the Laser Cat extension for Mozilla Firefox web browser from