Any Image : Converts Image File Formats in Windows

For many things that we do online we have to upload out pictures to the said services. Some of the online services put strict restrictions on the type of image file that you can use. For example, when you upload an image to be used as Twitter profile, it has to be JPEG, PNG or WEBP image file format. If your image is BMP, then it won’t be accepted. For saving an image in other image file formats, you need a software like Any Image.

Any Image software can help you convert images from one format to another in bulk. It has a wizard like interface and takes you from one step to the next for the conversion. In the first step you have to add all the source image files that you want to convert. You can simple drag-n-drop all the images on the Any Image window. It supports all the popular image file formats and supports unicode file names.

Any Image

In the second step, you have to choose the conversion options such as the target image file format, output folder, resizing options, changing PPI, aspect ratio, and more. You can even choose multiple output formats for different source files which is a unique feature not found in other batch image conversion software. For each of the target image file format, there are different options available.

Any Image

Finally clicking on the Start button, you can proceed to the image file conversion. All the conversion progress is displayed in the main Any Image window. You can now check the results of the image format conversion or restart a new batch operation.

Any Image

Conclusion: Any Image is an excellent image format conversion software for Windows. It supports all the popular image file formats but does not support newer image formats like HEIC, HEIF or WEBP. In the free version, only one image is allowed to be converted at a single time.

You can download Any Image from