How to Remove Addresses Stored in Google Chrome Browser

When you are applying for a new PayPal account, you have to enter all of your personal or business information including your residential or business address. If you are using the Chrome web browser, then it might ask you to store this address for future use in the local Chrome storage. This is useful as the next time you fill up an application form for any new accounts for any service and you have to fill in the address, Chrome will do it automatically for you. It saves time and minimizes the chances of entering a wrong address by mistake. However you may later decide to remove all of your addresses stored in the Chrome web browser.

You can remove your stored addresses from the Chrome web browser in the following manner:

  1. Launch Chrome web browser.
  2. Type in chrome://settings/addresses in the browser address bar and press Enter.Remove Stored Address from Chrome
  3. Under the “Addresses and more” you will be able to see all the stored addresses that were saved when you were filling up forms online or even when shopping online. Click on the vertical ellipsis (three vertical dots) next to the address that you want to remove and select Remove.Remove Stored Address from Chrome
  4. It will instantly remove that address from the Chrome browser.

Instead of removing the addresses, you can also choose to edit it. By editing the address manually, you can correct any mistakes that you could have made previously. You can also change the person name (or business name) associated with that address by editing it.

It is not recommended to store such personal information without proper security. You should instead use a secure password manager like Password Boss, Enpass, Password Gorilla, or Dashlane. All of these password managers allow you to store much more than just login credentials and offer high level encryption.