Bring Google Pixel Look to Android with Lawnchair Launcher

Google Pixel launcher has so many interesting and useful features that it can put other devices to shame just on that front. If you also want to bring the same Google Pixel look to your non-Google Android device then you can use the free Lawnchair launcher. It is designed to mimic the look and feel of the Google Pixel 4 launcher. By using this launcher, you can now enjoy the Pixel 4 look on any of your Android smartphones, even if you cannot afford to buy a Google Pixel 4 smartphone.

Lawnchair launcher version 2.0 has just came out of the beta phase and is now available for everyone who has a basic Android smartphone. It is an ideal way to bring the same aesthetic look to your Android phone a you would see in an expensive Google smartphone. This launcher is very small in size (less than 5 MB) and yet effectively mimics the complete appearance of Google Pixel 4 launcher.

Lawnchair Launcher for Android

Unlike some other hard-coded launchers that look like a cheap imitation of Pixel launcher, this launcher actually adds many other features that help you to customize it to the content of your heart. You can long tap on it to bring the settings menu from where you can add some useful widgets like “At a Glace” using which you can display not only date, time and weather but other things on your home-screen. For example, it can show notification messages coming from other apps such as Facebook or Twitter as a message on the home-screen. It can also display battery status, email messages, music being played on Spotify etc.

Lawnchair Launcher for Android

If you are not happy with the app icons available in your smartphone, then you can download and install icon packs and make your home-screen as well as the app drawer nicer looking. There are many options available for the doc, desktop, themes, app drawer, search bars, gestures etc. You can also enhance it further using plugins, Google Feed and more.


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